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    Update #3 - Maps and a little something

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    Update #3 - Maps and a little something Empty Update #3 - Maps and a little something

    Post by Doc. Sarcastic on Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:53 pm

    I'll start off by thanking you in advance for voting on that survey up there, it's only temporary we hope, the mapper IS hard at work, but the coder will probably finish before the mapper, therefore we can stick the server up before the mapper is done, of course we do need a map in the meantime and we DO want your opinion as it does matter.

    Now, what's been going on? The Steam group and forum is continually growing in support which is always fantastic, the more the merrier, so if you do have any friends or know of anyone who enjoyed 1944RP, 1942RP or just general world war themed roleplay then let them know!

    I viewed the map with Masskiller, we've given the mapper some ideas to incorporate but are really leaving him to it, but don't worry, if it all goes wrong then we'll step in and fix it. I've also set up the Steam group, with a thread on there with some already marvellous suggestions from you lot, I'm working on making a sub forum for you all to post your suggestions to as well, just to get some use out of the forums.

    ***I deleted the poll because it was broken and didn't work, will look into it***

    - Doc

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