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    Current Server Suggestions Empty Current Server Suggestions

    Post by Doc. Sarcastic on Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:08 pm

    Here's where we'll stick all accepted suggestions and suggestions that the staff team have came up with beforehand, like the bugs, make a separate thread for suggestions, just makes it easier for me when I'm writing them on here. For those who actually view this, you'll be able to keep easily updated on what we're adding. Just remember, you're ideas are valued, but that does not guarantee them a free ride onto the server, some may never appear whatsoever.

    What we're incorporating (hopefully)

    - SS Kommandant job
    - Wehrmacht Kommandant job
    - Field Medic job (Wehrmacht related)
    - Theatre Owner job
    - Entertainer job
    - Banker job
    - Security Guard job
    - Radio Broadcaster job
    - Resistance Spy job
    - Viewable legs
    - Fuhrer is able to change taxes and has more of an effect on the economy
    - Wehrmacht locker
    - Wehrmacht will have access to more heavy artillery such as grenades and panzerschreck's
    - Prestige and Levelling System
    - Bank System
    - Gestapo and Resistance Spy can change their skin/outfit
    - Gestapo, Wehrmacht, SchutzStaffel and Resistance ranking system
    - Weapon lowering
    - Vehicles, such as tanks for the Wehrmacht
    - Levelling is not dependant on money printers
    - The Trusted Rank (will explain in detail soon)
    - Ammo is not so common, neither are guns
    - Food and Tax System
    - Stamina and Broken Leg System
    - Weekly/Monthly events
    - Mechanic Job for Vehicles

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