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    Suggestion for Rules

    Adolf Hipster
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    Suggestion for Rules   Empty Suggestion for Rules

    Post by Adolf Hipster on Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:17 pm

    Note- Posted here because there was no suggestions under Rules.

    General Rules
    1) "Default laws (Unless changed by the Fuhrer) - Mugging is illegal, weapons in public are illegal, money printers are illegal, breaking into property is illegal." -- I personally think that the Fuhrer shouldn't be allowed to change these laws. Unless the Wehrmacht commander or Wehrmacht themselves can overthrow the Fuhrer. Having this power for the Fuhrer would be a Fuhrer that would be helping the resistance. Or destroying the economy with printers. And putting the life of citizens in danger with weapons.
    2) Don't use rocket-propelled anti-tank weapons in buildings. The only use should be with grenades.

    Resistance Rules
    1) "The role of the resistance is to defend citizens from the Wehrmacht and remove the Fuhrer if possible. (This does not mean you kill Mafia for mugging people) " -- The Mafia is a bit overpowered. Changing this rule to "The Resistance can kill mafia for mugging citizens" would be a better choice. Thus, it would make the mafia play with more caution than going around mugging people with such power every 10 minutes.

    Mafia and Gangster Rules
    1) "Mafia and Gangsters cannot mug hobos or players under level five." -- It feels like it maybe should be level 10. I don't know how the leveling system is going to function. Level 10 seems appropriate, there are people still learning and enjoying the game at level 5 to 10.
    2) "You can only mug the same person after 10 minutes." This should be extended. maybe 15, 20, or even 30.

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