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    1941 Server Rules Empty 1941 Server Rules

    Post by Doc. Sarcastic on Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:20 pm

    1941RP Rules

    General Rules

    Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch) - Every kill must have a reason.
    Do not RDA (Random Arrest) - Every arrest must have a reason.
    Do not break FearRP – Do not pull a weapon when a weapon is being pointed at you; either roleplay the situation or run.
    Do not Metagame – Using information in /ooc, console, tab menu or anything not in character to your advantage.
    Do not set up a nation/city/town without a member of staff’s permission.
    Do not knock spam on doors.
    High pitched/annoying voices/micspammers will be gagged.
    No SexRP.
    Changing clothes does not mask your identity.
    Be civil when putting your point across to staff, do not argue with them, they have the final say.
    Do not prop abuse i.e: surfing, climbing, pushing, blocking etc.
    Do not build in the streets, with the exception of hobo’s being allowed to build small shacks.
    Do not sell items on the street unless you make a vender stall/kart.
    Do not Nazi bait – making Wehrmacht or Reich officials confront you for proclaiming you’re part of the Resistance etc.
    Do not overprice items. You may only sell up to double the price you paid for an item.
    Do not flame, rage, troll or use foul language in OOC.
    No FailRP names - Celebrity Names, Historical Names, e.g Barack Obama, Hans Landa, Claus von Stauffenburg etc.
    No body blocking.
    Default laws (Unless changed by the Fuhrer) - Mugging is illegal, weapons in public are illegal, Moneyprinters are illegal, breaking into property is illegal.
    Do not call the Fuhrer “Hitler”.
    Arrest Batons follow the same rules as any other weapon.

    Resistance Rules

    The Fuhrer must have been Fuhrer for more than five minutes before you can launch an attack.
    Do not RDM Wehrmacht, every kill must have a reason.
    No building defences in the Reichstag until it is captured.
    No building defences in public.
    Resistance may not hire the mafia.
    You can raid the Reichstag every ten minutes.
    The role of the resistance is to defend citizens from the Wehrmacht and remove the Fuhrer if possible (This does not mean you kill Mafia for mugging people)
    You need a valid reason to raid the Reichstag and kill the Fuhrer.
    You may only raid the Reichstag when there is a Fuhrer.
    You may take the Fuhrer hostage but cannot force him to change laws/add laws

    Mafia and Gangster Rules

    You can only mug for 500 RMK per person.
    You can only mug the same person after 10 minutes.
    Maximum shop protection is 5,000 RMK.
    If shop owners refuse to pay protection, you have permission to raid/blow up their shop as long as no bystanders are killed. (The Shopkeeper is fair game, though)
    Mafia have to listen to the Mafia Boss or he has the authority to punish you.
    You may kidnap people for ransoms of up to 5,000RMK per person.
    Gangsters are independent and can choose to work with or against the Mafia.
    Mafia and Gangsters cannot work with the Resistance/Wehrmacht.
    Mafia and Gangsters cannot mug hobos or players under level five.
    Mafia recruits cannot mug/ask for protection alone. They must be accompanied by a Mafia member.

    Fuhrer Specific Rules

    Do not make rooftops/sewers illegal
    Fuhrer can only use pistols and SMGs.
    Make reasonable laws, with suitable punishments to accompany them. (Not “Jaywalking - Sent to Gas Chambers)
    Wehrmacht must listen to the Fuhrer at all times, or face punishment.
    You may kill Wehrmacht if they disobey.

    Wehrmacht Specific Rules

    Do not RDM Resistance and Mafia.
    Do not raid without a warrant.
    You MUST listen to the Fuhrer and other superiors.
    No random ID/Weapon checks, there has to be a checkpoint, lockdown or a reason.
    You cannot betray the Reich, do not help the Resistance, Mafia etc.
    Do not use inventory weapons, unless it is a Panzerschreck or German Grenade.
    Wehrmacht soldiers may not own any doors.
    Only build defences in the Reich if the Fuhrer orders it.
    Do not build a checkpoint unless you have a Fuhrer and have been ordered to.
    Unmanned checkpoints will be deleted.

    Gestapo Specific Rules

    Gestapo may not work entirely for the Resistance/Mafia etc, they are meant to be loyal the reich and try to subvert any Resistance movements
    Gestapo can only use pistols.
    Gestapo cannot shoot Wehrmacht unless needed to not blow their cover.
    Gestapo may never shoot the Fuhrer.

    Shopkeeper Specific Rules

    Only Black Market Dealers may use a weapon larger than a pistol.
    Shopkeepers cannot disallow the entry of Nazi's into their store unless they are working for or with the Resistance.
    If someone is breaking a store rule you may take necessary action.
    You cannot help out in raids of any building. Apothecary's may help out in Reichstag raids to aid the Resistance.
    Do not scam players or price items at more than double the price you bought them for.

    Thief Specific Rules

    Only allowed to use pistols and knives.
    You can only break into the same persons home every thirty minutes.
    You may destroy/take anything you find in a persons hour.
    You cannot make defences inside or outside of a house.

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