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    The Gman's Staff Application


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    The Gman's Staff Application Empty The Gman's Staff Application

    Post by TheGman on Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:53 am

    Steam Username: †The Gman†
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:13564891
    Player Level: server isn't up yet but on 1944 it was 65(ish)
    Player Name: 1944 it was Sean Mclean
    Real Life Name: Sean
    Real Life Age: 19
    Timezone: Pacific Time (UTC -Cool
    How long have you been playing on the server?: A least 2000(+) hours on totals life span on 1944 servers
    How many hours a week can you commit to the server?: Unknown, it will vary depending on week so I can't say for cretin yet
    Why should you be staff?: I would like to help out, in keeping community in order to make playing on server enjoyable for anyone who joins. I enjoy helping out community and even more so with my love for World War II in general. I have 3 years of experience from a HL2:DM Rp server. On Garry's Mod I have experience form SGC Clan Naval play server as moderator and after that I have been staff on 1944RP from when I first joined the staff on there as a moderator during days of Gmod 12 and got promoted to administer after first relaunch. I heavily love serious RP and combination of World War II with it makes me really enthusiastic. It is in my best interest to Role Play with the community while I am doing my job as part of the staff.
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    The Gman's Staff Application Empty Re: The Gman's Staff Application

    Post by Doc. Sarcastic on Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:07 pm


    The fact that it is unknown how many hours you can play while other apps have stated they can provide over 50 hours let's this app down. Get some experience on the server when it is up and feel free to re-apply in a month

    You may re-apply for the position in 1 Month - 29/08/2015

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