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    TheOtherAsianGuy's Application Empty TheOtherAsianGuy's Application

    Post by TheOtherAsianGuy on Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:57 pm

    Steam Username: MF DOOM (Da MM..cyclopedia)

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42422642

    Player Level: Leveling system has not been implemented, if your referring to 1944RP/1944RPG; I have been Level 60 thrice, and 72 on the newest version when their leveling system was lengthened.

    Player Name: Salem Berg née Amor

    Real Life Name: Purnahkhitchai

    Real Life Age: 15 and 10 months.

    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

    How long have you been playing on the server?: 1941RP: 2-3 hours; 1944RP/1944RPG: I've been playing since late 2011

    How many hours a week can you commit to the server?: Depends, do expect 4+hours  as semesters are upcoming, and keep in mind I'm here to help you with players and making sure things are fair; not your slave.

    Why should you be staff?: I think I should be staff because I believe that I will be a great asset to the 1941RP staff team. I feel that my experience as staff on plenty of DarkRPs and T.T.T.s, Owning 2 DarkRP's, a Serious WWII Server, and a good 3,500+ hours on Garry's Mod, that I will show responsibility and kindness to players and other staff alike. Aside of my history, I only want to see this community/gamemode to thrive, and I hope that I can help with it.

    Thank you for reading, TheOtherAsianGuy
    Doc. Sarcastic
    Doc. Sarcastic

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    TheOtherAsianGuy's Application Empty Re: TheOtherAsianGuy's Application

    Post by Doc. Sarcastic on Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:51 pm


    "Do, expect 4+ hours" A week? That'd be hopeful but putting it at 4+ hours is ridiculous, that could mean 5 - 70 hours a week. Yes, you are there to help with players but there is a lot more to being a staff member than just that.

    "Do stupid shit to mortify Staff." That was on the "Let me get to know you topic." While you may be joking I'm not gonna take the risk on someone who made previous staff on '44 or other servers a living hell.

    You may re-apply for the position in 1 Month - 02/09/15

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